Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Second place

Or should I say: "Silver pocal, yay!"? What I'm trying to say is that last weekend we had our last hockey match of the season and we ended up second in our league. It's kind of historical because none else in our city has been able to pull that off before. We had many nice & tight matches and I think our strenght was the evenness of our players. None is professional and none is a total flour sack. Too bad we almost won the whole thing but silver is still very good achievement for us.

I have been talking about feelings a lot lately so I'm not going to try to describe that feeling this time. You can imagine. After the game we went out to a club and had a lot of fun in a perfect group. This season has been just amazing and hockey has never been this fun to play. It's sad how all the good things have to come to an end but that's just life. I'll never forget these guys and I'll save these memories for the rest of my life.